5 Reasons to Buy Studyum Tokens

Studyum (STUD) is one of the most recent projects that’s trying to unravel the issues of traditional learning platforms. Studyum aims to create a next-gen learning experience platform for students and educators where they’ll get access to quality learning, teaching, and training.

Studyum has created a decentralized learning platform for end-to-end learning activities by combining the best of artificial intelligence, facial recognition, 3D avatars, and NFTfi trading. The idea behind the project is to allow students and educators to interact in a secure and seamless ecosystem and learn and earn in the process.

The platform will bring students and educators together, allowing students to choose what and how they want to learn. At the same time, educators will have the liberty to upload content in 2D or 3D and create their own unique NFT collectible cards all from one platform.

The true potential of Studyum is unlocked with its utility tokens — STUD tokens that will be available for purchase once the IDO stage starts (September 20th, 2021).

Studyum’s unique infrastructure and features are compelling enough reasons to buy STUD tokens, but here are five more:

  1. Market Potential: Studyum is a decentralized education platform addressing the inherent issues of traditional learning platforms. The global e-learning market size reached $250 Billion in 2020, according to Global Market Insights. It is projected to grow to $1 trillion by 2027 at an annual growth rate of 21%. Looking at the current statistics of the market, if Studyum achieved even 1% of this market ($250 billion), the market cap would be $2.5 billion. An extremely logical and interesting reason for filling your bags with STUD tokens.

Studyum not only creates a rewarding economic opportunity for investors, but also adds value to the education industry. $STUD tokens will give token holders the ability to use the present and future use cases while becoming a part of an educational revolution.

To learn more about Studyum and become a part of this movement, visit https://www.studyum.io/.



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