Spectacular news, community — we have been listed on CoinMarketCap!

This accomplishment brings us one step closer to a world where education is available and made for everyone!

Studyum is both a platform and a movement — we want everyone to have access to high-quality education that adapts to their needs and wants! Technology enables us to create such a space! We have partnered with top experts from various industries to ensure a Studyum future arrives soon.

We want to thank all the community members that continue to support us during this topsy-turvy journey — you inspire us daily to work harder and better!

Stay tuned for some more exciting news — coming very soon!!!

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We gained another expert advisor, Alex Man, often called the Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist. Alex Man can offer valuable insight for our project, the 3D knowledge matrix, and the platform itself provides ample opportunity for professional development and the enrichment of Alex’s project portfolio. …


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