A behind-the-scenes look at Studyum: the journey, the fundraising, and the IDO

3 min readJul 25, 2021

Education is still unaffordable to many people, hindering the development of communities and countries all over the world.

Online courses and colleges offer a cheaper solution than regular college, helping students to adapt to the growing world’s needs. And although these colleges and courses are more affordable, they often make budget cuts on the quality of education. Furthermore, since their teaching is generic and detached, it cannot cater to the personal needs of the students. This largely results in inefficient learning.

Studyum aims to rectify this situation while not compromising the quality of the education or making it expensive. Studyum is transforming the education sector by integrating it with blockchain technology and much more.

“Studyum has unlocked the human brain’s capabilities and transformed learning as we know it.”

Igor Dyachenko

Studyum — the platform of the future

Studyum is an educational platform designed to provide an immersive and personalized experience to the students. It goes the extra mile by helping the students focus, perfect their skills, and retain information.

Studyum uses blockchain technology and smart contracts to encourage accountability among students and teachers and fully recognize their efforts. Blockchain technologies make the data irreplicable and unique, offering immutable proof of qualifications and hard work. As such, every effort is acknowledged and invigorated anew.

The platform’s development began in 2005. It was launched in 2018 and has since achieved all the preset milestones. However, Studyum remains adaptable to the ever-changing conditions and will continue to grow and experiment in different sectors while staying true to its ideology.

Acting as a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators, the platform uses next-gen technology built on the blockchain network. Through it, Studyum can tailor learning experiences to each students’ preferences and needs.

The platform offers a variety of unique services, some of which are:

Self-paced micro-lessons

Each lesson accounts for the student’s current level of subject mastery, how much they have already covered through Studyum, and which parts were too complex. The content is then organized into several micro-lessons, minimizing cognitive load. Students can practice in real-time using advanced technology with celebrity trainers and mentors at the pace that suits them best.

Engaging mediums and content

As every student is different, so is their preferred medium of learning. Studyum caters to the needs of every individual and offers tailor-made features and programs, including VR interactive lessons, to make the learning process fun and interactive.

NFTs as learning incentives

Studyum tackles the lack of motivation by rewarding the students and teachers with NFT collectibles for their performance. All the lessons are available using the STUD token, and every class has a reward pool to reward the students for their excellence, best grades, and consistency with rare NFT collectibles.

Upcoming IDO

Studyum is launching an Initial DEX Offering of STUD tokens on the Ethereum Network.

The utility token, STUD, is based on a dual-token model that acts as immutable proof of accomplishments and can be used as certification while applying for a job or higher studies. It is designed to encourage people to invest in their education and grow regardless of age.

Studyum is a revolutionary platform that has already amassed a large community of eager learners and teachers. With the upcoming IDO, the platform will unlock even more opportunities for investors and the crypto community.




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