Exclusive $STUD Staking Program Terms coming to an end with 2,500,000 STUD reached in TVL

Community, our Exclusive Staking Terms Offer will be expiring in the next few days!

With the current Terms, we have managed to reach close to 2.5 million in TVL. This is an incredible accomplishment — it shows just how much our community believes in Studyum!

We hope the amazing Staking Terms that we have been offering these past months successfully served as a token of our immense appreciation for your support. We thank you all for contributing to the optimal functioning of the Studyum ecosystem!

The new Staking Terms available will be:

👉 3 months for 36% APR

👉 6 months for 48% APR

👉 12 months for 60% APR

There are still a few days left until the Exclusive LTO Terms expire, so it’s not too late to take advantage of them. As a reminder, here are the currently active Staking Terms:

🚀 3 months for 60% APR

🚀 6 months for 72% APR

🚀 12 months for 84% APR

Never staked in your life? Find out everything you need to know about Staking here.

Is this the first time you hear about our Exclusive Terms? No judgment, find out more here.

Want to follow a guide on how to stake $STUD? It’s available here.

Wondering how to always stay up to date with Studyum? Join us on social media [links available below]:

Reminder: Like many times before, we are reminding everyone who purchased tokens, but didn’t leave a Metamask ERC-20 address to contact our support team.

About Studyum: Studyum is a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators. Groundbreaking technology developed on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the platform provides a secure environment perfect for quality learning, teaching, and training on a level never seen before. Relying on the latest technological advancements and confirmed scientific theories, Studyum grants space for individuals to improve themselves in an engaging and fulfilling way. Learn more at studyum.org.




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This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.

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