Our Whitelist Lottery FAQs

Everyone’s got questions! We’ve got answers…

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Here are the most common FAQs about the Studyum whitelist lottery, answered. If there’s a question you still have that we haven’t answered, please, pretty please go to our Telegram group and ask away. One of our accommodating community managers will be all over it like white on rice.

Q: What price will STUD tokens be secured at for the lottery winners?

A: All winners will be able to secure the lowest price of $0.03 per STUD.

Q: What’s the pre-lottery hard cap for this stage?

A: The hard cap for this initial stage is $1.5m.

Q: When does the Studyum whitelist lottery close?

A: The lottery closes on Wednesday, 5th, 2021, at 23:00 UTC.

Q: How many people will be able to participate in the whitelist?

A: 1,500 winners will be selected.

Q: Is there a maximum contribution amount?

A: There’s a max of $1,000 and a min of $100.

Q: How do I enter the Studyum whitelist lottery?

A: Simple! Click here and crack on. 👀

Q: Should I send funds at the same time as entering the lottery?

A: Don’t send any funds until you’ve been notified whether you’re a winner.

Q: When I receive the email back from Studyum, the ETH address is not mine.

A: Correct! As specified, once you’ve completed the form, we send you an entirely new and unique ETH address for any future contributions to Studyum.

The Studyum whitelist lottery will close on Wednesday, the 5th of May.

The train’s leaving the station! All aboard… 🚂 💰💰💰

Written by Martin O'Toole



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This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.