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How to stake $STUD on [LIMITED OFFER]

Community! Studyum Staking is now LIVE!

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY, you can visit and stake your STUD tokens on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for earnings of up to 84% of the staked amount!

Act fast to win as much STUD as possible!!!

Important information

🔥 Earnings of 60% for only 3 months of staking for a limited time only!

🔥 We’ve switched to the BSC chain to ensure the fees are minimized and the profits are maximized!

🔥 There is only one pool, so no need to do any additional research, make tough decisions or pros and cons lists!

🔥 Find out more information about Studyum’s exclusive Staking Program here.

🔥 We’ve designed the interface to be extremely intuitive and user-friendly, but here’s a complete guide just in case!

A complete how-to guide to staking STUD tokens

👉 First things first, you need a crypto wallet before you start. If you don’t have a MetaMask wallet already, you can easily create or import it — a full guide on that is available here.

👉 Next, you will need to get some $STUD. This can be done via PancakeSwap. If you’re not sure how to do that, worry not — here’s our Ultimate Guide to Buying STUD tokens on PancakeSwap!

👉 Finally, you need to make sure you have enough BNB in your balance to cover the BSC network’s transaction fees as well as the number of STUD tokens you wish to stake.

Ready to stake your STUD and practically double them? Awesome! Here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click Connect to set up your MetaMask wallet. Note that the loading might take a while due to heavy traffic. Please wait until the page completely loads to continue!

3. Select one of the staking options by clicking on it. The available options are:

🚀 3 months for 60% APR

🚀 6 months for 72% APR

🚀 12 months for 84% APR

4. Input the number of STUD tokens you wish to stake and click Approve.

5. Wait until the system confirms you have enough tokens for staking and to cover the transaction fee. You can now stake your tokens! Click Stake to stake $STUD!

6. Confirm the transaction by clicking Deposit.

7. Refresh the page to complete the process and receive a verification message.

8. You can claim your tokens and rewards after the staking period ends! You will be able to do so by clicking the Claim button. Please note that this action will be unavailable until the staking period ends!

Did you know?

You can check the status of your staked tokens at any time by using the address of your transaction.

Just visit, scroll down, paste the URL into the address bar and click Check.

The website will display:

– the exact time when your staking contract started

– the exact time when your staking contract will end

– what is the total amount of STUD staked

– if your tokens and rewards are claimable

– the staking option selected

– the amount of tokens you’ll receive after the staking period ends

This service is available to you 24/7!


  • Please note that staking is available only by using the interface on the website Don’t send your tokens directly to the staking contract. All tokens sent directly to the staking contract will be lost.
  • Multiple stakes per address are not allowed. A single address can have only one active stake.
  • Stakes can not be replenished after they are created.
  • Once you’ve staked your tokens, they won’t be available to you until the staking period ends. There is no un-stake or emergency claim option.
  • STUD tokens will not be transferred to your address automatically when the staking period ends. To claim your tokens, you will have to visit the staking page and do so manually. Refer to Step 8 of the above Guide for more information.
  • One month is calculated as 30 days within the staking smart contract.




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