Studyum gains support in the UAE and UK through a new expert advisor Dr. Yana Leonova

We have formed a partnership with Dr. Yana Leonova, the well-known global sustainability ambassador and tech expert. The collaboration will help us lay a more definite foundation in the UAE, while Dr. Leonova guides the world a vital step closer toward a decentralized future with the help of our platform.

It seems like we left quite an impression during our introduction at the Future Innovation Summit in Dubai. The powerful story of our humble beginnings rooted in the desire to change children’s lives greatly impacted the international audiences. And if you haven’t noticed, we have been concluding partnerships and gaining valuable advisors at an exponential rate. We hope our recent proliferation of activity will serve as a suggestion for even more exciting things to come.

The Studyum initiative is a project that will alter the current education paradigm until it is reshaped into a system that celebrates individuality rather than dismisses it. Many generations have suffered, having been told that they are somehow lacking, while the system was the one who failed them. The Studyum Foundation was established to address this blatant inconsideration toward individuality through a unique distributed ledger technology solution. Our mission and vision inspired many attendees at the summits and, indubitably, Dr. Yana Leonova was one of them.

Our founder, Igor Dyachenko, was thrilled to have received support from Dr. Yana Leonova:

“Receiving support from someone with Dr. Leonova’s level of expertise is a true honor for us. We are delighted to have Studyum be recognized as a rising star by someone with such a discerning eye for startups and decentralized projects. We hope Dr. Leonova continues to be inspired by Studyum and what we are trying to accomplish. ”

Dr. Yana Leonova’s interest in decentralized projects and startups is, indeed, quite a diverse one. Besides supporting independent ventures and businesses, Dr. Leonova is known for her support of blockchain solutions and their integration within the current technological infrastructure through sustainable means. Being one of the founding members of the London Blockchain Foundation Dr. Leonova is at the forefront of technological transition toward decentralization. Her contributions to the industry were crowned in 2021 as she became the Head of Conferences and Events at the Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi. As such, she capably led the initiative for a decentralized future in Dubai through the organization and management of the Future Innovation Summit.

As the Director at Nova Strategy Ltd and a Business Communication Director at Moralmoda Magazine, Dr. Leonova offers professional consultancy to startups and businesses, ensuring their dominance in the market.

With such an expert advisor at our side, we can freely say we’ve had a rather successful quarter. As the date of the IDO stage nears, we will continue to work hard at leveraging the opportunities that come our way.

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About Studyum: Studyum is a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators. Groundbreaking technology developed on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the platform provides a secure environment perfect for quality learning, teaching, and training on a level never seen before. Relying on the latest technological advancements and confirmed scientific theories, Studyum grants space for individuals to improve themselves in an engaging and fulfilling way. Learn more at

About Dr. Yana Leonova: Dr. Yana Leonova holds a law degree from Russia, an MBA from the UK, and a Ph.D. in Economics from Russia. As a founder member of the London Blockchain Foundation and a strong believer in disruptive technology, Dr. Leonova drives digital transformation for agriculture by attracting startups and R&D teams worldwide to the UAE to implement their solutions and enhance knowledge and practice. In addition, she provides ad hoc assistance in transforming science into business through knowledge-based consultancy. Dr. Yana Leonova is a frequent speaker and a co-organizer of high-end events devoted to technology.