Studyum in Dubai: Getting the world excited about learning

Prevous two weeks were remarkably busy and exciting for our team! Studyum’s representatives Igor Dyachenko (CEO), Aleksandar Gajic (COO), Gradimir Stankovic (CMO), Dejan Radic (CTO), and Dejan Peulic (CFO) traveled all the way to Dubai to help disrupt the education paradigm and start the learning revolution!

In only a handful of days, we managed to:

  • attend the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai where we were presented as keynote speakers;
  • participate as principal speakers at the Future Innovation Summit as well;
  • onboard top crypto experts and advisors;
  • meet many notable individuals from the blockchain industry;
  • cause several traffic holdups around our booth due to attendee interest;
  • introduce Studyum to global audiences;
  • participate in international panels with leading experts in their fields;
  • witness Studyum’s name projected on the Burj Khalifa!

We attended two summits in Dubai, UAE, where we met and talked with many famous names in the blockchain industry! Our team felt right at home at the World Blockchain Summit and the Future Innovation Summit. Both events are internationally recognized as meeting points for pioneers in crypto and beyond!

The World Blockchain Summit is a significant contributor to the decentralization of our future. This year many of the speakers were outstanding members of the crypto community. Being a part of such a select circle was a vital moment for Studyum.

The Future Innovation Summit is a unifying force for technological advances across fields and industries. With its dedication to the elevation of humankind through technology, the FIS fully deserves its fame as an innovator. The conference and the exhibit were organized under the patronage of the Private Office Of Sheikh Saqer Bin Mohamed Al Qasimi, a well-known supporter of tech development and advancements. Studyum felt honored to be selected as another notable innovator from a pool of many others.

We were astounded to mingle with so many crypto-experts at both of our conference booths. The excitement over our project and our vision helped us attract many attendees and blockchain celebrities. Many people expressed interest in our project at the Studyum booths creating several traffic holdups in the process!

Some other things that amazed us were the varied and comprehensive programs available at both events. We were able to visit many fascinating booths and attend stimulating lectures held by many of our crypto-peers.

Our CEO, Igor Dyachenko, introduced Studyum to international audiences at the summits, creating quite a stir among the community. It seems like everyone is excited to see the Studyum platform become globally available!

Our CTO, Dejan Radic, was one of the key participants at the New Technologies in Education panel discussion. As an expert implementer of technological advances in education, Dejan provided an insightful perspective on this issue.

The most tear-jerking part for our team was seeing the Studyum’s name projected on the Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building — courtesy of our fantastic partners, Momento!

We do not doubt that the Studyum network will grow even more down the line, but we are nonetheless thrilled to see Studyum spread across the borders and continents so early in the process. With the IDO stage coming up, there’s a lot more to get excited about on the Studyum roadmap. We’re looking forward to our next milestone!

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