Studyum receives investment from AU21 Capital and Panda Capital, two major blockchain projects investors

Studyum, an advanced e-learning powerhouse, has received investment and support from two major venture capital companies — AU21 Capital and Panda Capital. Receiving investment from two serious venture capital funds like AU21 Capital and Panda Capital will serve as a great springboard for the edtech platform on the blockchain, while Studyum’s imminent success will help the investment companies to consolidate their status among large decentralized projects’ investors.

Studyum is a unique decentralized ledger solution meant to make education scalable, accessible, and profitable for everyone. It combines tech innovations with blockchain technology to make sure people are highly motivated to learn, engaged in the learning process, and receive immediate feedback as regards their progress. Studyum’s “learn and earn” design ensures even students can earn profit while diligently advancing in their studies.

The third quarter has been especially eventful for the edtech platform. Studyum’s notable accomplishments for the current quarter include:

  • new partnerships with launchpad and Gil Petersil, the mastermind strategist;
  • the immense growth of the Studyum community;
  • commendations from leading publications like Entrepreneur, Business Insider, and TechTimes;
  • the announcement of the new IDO date;
  • an enabling of a multi-chain $STUD acquisition;
  • the participation at the World Blockchain Summit in Dubai, UAE.

Now, Studyum can also boast attracting the support of AU21 Capital and Panda Capital among its many successes.

AU21 Capital is a well-established Venture Capital organization that has provided backing for numerous promising decentralized projects already. Plasm Network, Unilend, Crust, and Persistence are just some of the most recent considerable undertakings of AU21 Capital. Aiming to be the top supporter of brilliant blockchain entrepreneurs, the company’s goal is to speed up the integration of alternative financial systems through careful project selection.

Panda Capital’s portfolio includes notable names like Polkadot, Ethereum, ENJ, Splintershards,O3,ULTI,immutable,chia,Gemini, and Boston Protocol. In only two short years since its establishment, the firm has invested in over 100 projects and created an impressive network specializing in supporting blockchain-based ventures. Panda Capital’s roadmap is rich with collaborations that give it the means to incubate many domestic and foreign projects.

“We are thrilled to get support from such major organizations like Panda Capital and AU21 Capital. Their support means more opportunities for Studyum, more directions in which our edtech platform can expand. We are excited to show how much we can achieve with their assistance.”

– Igor Dyachenko, Studyum’s CEO and co-founder

Receiving backing from these two major contributors will indubitably help Studyum continue its rocketing rate of progress.

Studyum’s IDO has been announced for the end of October when it will launch on multiple platforms. All interested parties are encouraged to read more about the project and its mission from their whitepaper and pitch deck.

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About Studyum is a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators. Groundbreaking technology developed on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the platform provides a secure environment perfect for quality learning, teaching, and training on a level never seen before. Relying on the latest technological advancements and confirmed scientific theories, Studyum grants space for individuals to improve themselves in an engaging and fulfilling way. Learn more at

About AU21 Capital was founded by Chandler Guo and Kenzi Wang in 2017 with the mission of backing the most promising blockchain entrepreneurs, and providing founders with resources and connections to succeed. AU21 Capital firmly believes that the best way to foster innovation and adoption in the cryptocurrency sector is through active and persistent investment.

About Panda Capital was founded by several early supporters from the Bitcoin crypto community who shared the same interests. With 4 years of experience as blockchain entrepreneurs, Panda Capital’s team contacted 200+ projects, invested in 100+ projects, and is in close contact with the 100 most influential people in the space. In 2021, they established the Blockchain (Future) Laboratory, with strong support from Sun Capital, Block Capital, Judian Fund, and other capital parties.