Studyum’s vision of education in the near future

Are you excited to see what the future of learning will look like?

With all the technological advances at our disposal, we are able to establish an entirely new educational paradigm — one that creates new sustainable career paths, promotes transparency and equality.

The Studyum Foundation has been developing a new edtech platform that will combine the latest in tech with the teachings of human minds. By leveraging the power of blockchain technology, AI, machine learning, and volumetric video capturing, it will inspire the current and future generations of learners to explore their potential to the fullest.

The emergence of a vision

In a world where everyone is unique, the inefficiency of standardized solutions is hardly surprising. This also applies to education — students learn in different ways and prefer different learning styles depending on the circumstances, but the current educational system is unable to meet the demands of an individualized infrastructure.

Studyum was created to help eradicate the generic way in which we are taught. Igor Dyachenko, the founder of the Studyum Foundation, was urged by the system to fit within the mold of conventional education in his youth. Undiagnosed dyslexia made simple tasks impossible to complete, and the teachers in charge were too overwhelmed and drained of energy to have any extra for any individual student. Igor struggled during his years in school up until the moment when he realized that reading and learning are not unattainable goals — with a proper support system and tools. When he was little, Igor could only envision such a system. Today, he aims to bring it to life.

Studyum is an intricate infrastructure that promotes diversity and inclusivity in learning. It is designed to grant people autonomy over their learning process and customize it to their needs, considering their levels of mastery and interests. Studyum is a revolutionary platform that was established to give everyone a chance to learn in an engaging way, from anywhere, at any time.

Learn the Studyum way

By making learning and teaching a more engaging, fulfilling process, Studyum facilitates an easier transition to a new way of life. People are encouraged to continuously improve by many aspects of the platform itself like high-quality content and intuitive UI. The 360-degree video capturing method promotes immersive learning, allowing a brief journey into the Metaverse, while the comprehensive reward system incentivizes performance and makes educational efforts worthwhile.

One aspect of the learn-and-earn reward system unique to Studyum is the highly coveted 3D holographic NFT crypto collectible cards awarded to only the best of students. Another is the customizable avatars that help guard student anonymity and grant control over their digital identity. Learners are free to interact with other members of the community, within a completely gamified experience.

Using AI and machine learning to empower students globally

Artificial Intelligence has finally reached the level of when it can be applied to education to enhance it indefinitely. Through machine learning, AI will be able to pick up subtle patterns within student performance to completely optimize their learning experience. The facial recognition technology helps identify the student’s engagement and comprehension levels, adjusting the system to increase the measures accordingly.

The technology we have available today is able to make these intricate but minute changes to ensure an engaging learning session that adapts to a student’s needs and preferences. At the same time, all these technologies can become scalable on the blockchain,

We don’t have to wait for the future — it’s already here. Get your $STUD and participate in the learning revolution.




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This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.

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