The Complete Guide to the ongoing limited edition NFTO:

How to get your $STUD as NFTs on Genesis Shards

Community, here’s a complete guide to the ongoing NFTO of STUD tokens! Remember: the whitelisting process starts today and ends on December 13th, so time is of the essence!!

Good luck!

The 3-step process

To get your NFT-ized $STUD you will need to:

  1. Register for and pass the whitelisting process (by Dec 13th, 1 PM UTC!)
  2. Complete the KYC procedure (by Dec 15th!)
  3. Get those NFTs!

1st step: The whitelisting (WL)

The whitelisting process started today, so you only have three days to pass it!

Here are the 3 possible scenarios:

  • You are NOT a GenShards Access Club member

You don’t have to be an Access Club Member to pass the WL process: all you need to do is participate in this Gleam contest! If you win the contest, you will receive the whitelist form in the inbox of your registered email!

To win a guaranteed allocation this way you don’t have to hold $GS, register through the GenShards App, nor connect to their Telegram Bot! However, only 25% of the total allocations are available without the Access Club Membership!

  • You are a GenSHards Access Club member

You can access the whitelist form here. Please note that your wallet needs to be connected to the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) for this!

You also need to:

– have a minimal amount of $GS* (staked and liquidity provider GS tokens are also counted to determine your Tier!)

– pass 2 token snapshots by the time the pool opens on December 15 by holding a sufficient amount of $GS to qualify for Access Club membership

– join the relevant Access Club

*Depends on the Access Club Tier:

2,000 tokens — Silver Tier

7,500 tokens — Pink Tier

15,000 tokens — Gold Tier

30,000 tokens — Black Tier

  • You are not a GenShards Access Club Member, but you want to be

Genesis Shards have published this simple 3-step guide to becoming an Access Club Member. Essentially, you will have to purchase $GS, register on their App, and verify your wallet. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!


You can win either a guaranteed or first-come-first-served (FCFS) whitelist spot.

A guaranteed WL spot:

– get it by winning the Gleam contest (results will be available on GenShards’ Telegram or Twitter account) or by being a GenShards Access Club member

– when the sale starts on December 15th you will have 2 hours to get your NFTs

An FCFS WL spot:

– get it by being a GenShards Access Club member

– 2 hours after the sale starts a limited number of NFTs left will be available for purchase

HOT TIP: you can increase your chances of getting an allocation by completing the process as both an Access Club member and a participant in the Gleam contest!

The results

You will know if you won any of the allocations on December 13, when the WL process closes! The news will be announced on GenShards’ Twitter and Telegram and our social media channels.

2nd step: The KYC

This one’s super easy!

  1. Go to the GenShards App
  2. Connect your MetaMask wallet
  3. Once you register your wallet, the KYC link will become available

You’re done!

3 step: The NFTO

If you have successfully completed all the steps above and won an allocation, you will be able to obtain your NFT-ized Stud tokens on December 15th, when the pool opens!

Genesis Shards’ acquisition procedure is pretty intuitive thanks to their user-friendly App design. However, just in case, you can see the full instructions on their Medium here.

REMINDER: the number of NFT-ized STUD tokens is limited! You need to be quick, especially if you haven’t won a guaranteed WL spot!

Mark the date:

  • WL open — Friday (10 Dec)
  • WL close — Monday (13 Dec, 1 PM UTC)
  • KYC open — Tuesday (14 Dec)
  • KYC close — Wednesday (15 Dec)
  • Pool open — Wednesday (15 Dec)
  • Exclusive AMA session (15 Dec, 1 PM UTC) — more details will be available soon!

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This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.

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