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3 min readSep 24, 2021

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates almost 33% of jobs worldwide are going to be transformed within the next ten years. Having been partially ascribed to the ongoing continuing pandemic, the labor market will continue to shift toward technology-powered remote work alternatives.

Studyum is a platform built to provide people with the tools to beat the obstacles inherent in the fast-changing marketplace. Its goal is to lead the world’s re-skilling initiative by systematically teaching and training the worldwide population to accumulate new skills engagingly and effectively.

What is Studyum?

The Studyum platform houses a three-dimensional knowledge technology for learners and educators, based on a secure decentralized blockchain infrastructure. It is the foremost trusted platform for quality learning, teaching, and training, designed to evolve learning to a level never seen before. Studyum is a game-changer in the educational system where students still face a lack of motivation. Studyum’s platform uses innovations such as facial recognition, NFTs, and AI to engage students and drive them to have a successful learning experience.


Studyum’s utility token, STUD, will be available to all users when the IDO starts, on October 28th. In preparation for this moment, Studyum has partnered up with many companies, advisors, and organizations to expand its ecosystem.

NFT Blue

In June, Studyum formed a partnership with NFT Blue, a blockchain group famous for its NFT-related ventures. NFT Blue is a true leader in its field, having been responsible for many “firsts” in the blockchain industry. Back when “NFT collectibles” were an unfamiliar concept to many, the company successfully launched many blockchain-inspired NFT projects, which is one of the strengths that singled it as worthy of teaming up with Studyum. Being at the forefront of innovations, Studyum benefits greatly from NFT Blue’s invaluable insight on its side.

Luna PR

On July 8, Studyum announced a strategic partnership with Luna PR, a full-stack digital marketing agency spanning five continents helping blockchain companies reach and interact with new audiences and build industry-leading brand awareness. The company works with over 200 clients, helping them launch, expand, and re-imagine their brands. Luna PR provides its expertise in the fields of public relations, marketing, investor relations, event management, branding, and advisory & consulting.


Studyum has also teamed up with a world-class digital design company — Fantasy. With offices in New York, San Francisco, and London, Fantasy boasts a veritable who’s who of international brands, including Ford, Google, Salesforce, Microsoft, and Netflix, to mention some of the most notable. The agency is the creator of the Masterclass platform, a big name in the edtech space. Commenting on this latest development, Firdosh Tangri, CEO of Fantasy, said, “At our core, Fantasy is a world-class product innovation company focused on creating captivating human experiences that transform industries alongside our client partners. Through our immersive ‘think beyond’ process, we holistically combine strategic experience design, real human empathy, and deep digital strategy”.

MVP Workshop

MVP Workshop is the number-one blockchain product developer across Europe. Its alliance with Studyum is projected to considerably streamline the platform’s product development through MVP Workshop’s expertise. Having already established themselves as specialists within the field of blockchain products by managing numerous multi-million projects like Celsius Network and Polygon, the MVP Workshop team is set to launch the Studyum platform’s design and development.

MVP Workshop’s expertise lies in its ability to support the project development process while awarding special attention to the particularities of the blockchain industry. Its recent history includes successfully leading several projects with similar requirements, designing and developing everything from tokens themselves to the entire blockchain architecture. Due to the fact that Studyum’s platform uses a “learn and earn” system which largely depends on its STUD utility token, this partnership is sure to prove beneficial to both parties.

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