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The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) estimates almost 33% of jobs worldwide are going to be transformed within the next ten years. Having been partially ascribed to the ongoing continuing pandemic, the labor market will continue to shift toward technology-powered remote work alternatives.

Studyum is a platform built to provide people with the tools to beat the obstacles inherent in the fast-changing marketplace. Its goal is to lead the world’s re-skilling initiative by systematically teaching and training the worldwide population to accumulate new skills engagingly and effectively.

What is Studyum?


NFT Blue

Luna PR


MVP Workshop

MVP Workshop’s expertise lies in its ability to support the project development process while awarding special attention to the particularities of the blockchain industry. Its recent history includes successfully leading several projects with similar requirements, designing and developing everything from tokens themselves to the entire blockchain architecture. Due to the fact that Studyum’s platform uses a “learn and earn” system which largely depends on its STUD utility token, this partnership is sure to prove beneficial to both parties.

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