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According to a forecast by Research and Markets, online education will be worth $350 billion by 2025. Despite the buzz about online education platforms and their immense potential, the system of learning has barely changed, and only a few are working to improve the way people learn.

A platform that aims to transform online education must prioritize its learners, and this is where Studyum makes the difference.

Studyum Academy

We’ve launched Studyum Academy to bring Studyum as a learning management system closer to you. The Academy will help you understand fundamental aspects of our edtech platform, building your knowledge base like puzzle pieces. Studyum Academy is for the curious, for those who have asked themselves questions like:

  • What does the blockchain industry entail?
  • How does a gamification-based reward system work?
  • What is an NFT?
  • How are tokenomics structured?

We have noted all the questions and carefully created an easily accessible database of information that will answer all of them, and more. The topics will not be limited to cryptocurrencies, they will also explore learning techniques, artificial intelligence, educational and technological interfaces, and NFTfi.

Studyum Academy’s mission is to develop and curate useful materials linked to the subjects that characterize Studyum as an edtech platform.

The topics that we’ve covered in Studyum Academy:

-New Karate Kid on the Blockchain
-The NFT bubble
-Facial recognition technology in education
-What is tokenomics?
-What is a smart contract audit and why should you care?
-How to add custom tokens to MetaMask
-Dyslexia and education
-NFTs and education
-How energy efficient is cryptocurrency?
-The impact of artificial intelligence on education
-The Gamification Series: Everything you need to know about gamification and Studyum
-The Gamification Series Part II: Everything you need to know about gamification and Studyum

About Studyum

At Studyum, we aspire to be a leading learning platform for a worldwide education change that increases people’s ability to learn, teach, and develop themselves. To provide a higher learning experience, we utilize a variety of technology tools, such as face recognition, artificial intelligence, 3D avatars, and NFTfi trading.

We created a flexible and inspirational platform for professionals and thought leaders all around the world to share their content. Developers and educators may use the platform to incorporate their materials, which can be uploaded in 2D or 3D. We built the Studyum platform with high standards for curated information, which is submitted and validated with the use of modern technology, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and blockchain technology to ensure it meets all the requirements.

Find out about more about Studyum here:

Website // Twitter // Telegram Group // Telegram Channel // Instagram // LinkedIn




This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.

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This page is currently under maintence. Please bear with us.

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