Studyum to participate at World Blockchain Summit in Dubai

Igor Dyachenko, our founder, will be speaking at the World Blockchain Summit, taking place in Dubai from 13–14 October 2021. As Studyum’s representative, Igor will help companies, governments, investors, influencers, and crypto-enthusiasts to learn more about our revolutionary decentralized learning project and all that it offers!

Studyum is an inspiring blockchain project that has been amassing the crypto community’s interest by deconstructing the traditional education paradigm. The growing blockchain community will get a closeup on our operations and vision, as well as a unique opportunity to become a part of the Studyum project. Taking a stand for decentralization, Studyum will contribute to the accelerated acceptance of cryptocurrencies, adding to the power of blockchain ecosystems worldwide.

The World Blockchain Summit is a global crypto hub where decentralized projects like Studyum can showcase what the future of crypto will look like in practice. This year is the 19th edition of the Summit with an even more impressive array of renowned speakers within the distributed ledger industry. The WBS is famously held in Dubai, UAE, and is known as the largest gathering of blockchain technology project leaders in the Middle East. Dubai, specifically, has been developing a reputation as a major blockchain technology hub in the Middle East, in part due to its crypto-friendly legislative initiatives.

The WBS is a perfect stage for Studyum, a blockchain-based infrastructure with a native token-dependent reward system. Our presentation will no doubt create quite a stir among the audience eager to have cryptocurrencies integrated into our daily lives.

“Speaking at the World Blockchain Summit will set an international stage for Studyum. We are excited to exchange ideas and opinions with other speakers and participants and do our part in fostering decentralization of the future.”

– Igor Dyachenko

The WBS will be held from October 13 to 14, at the JW Marriott Marquis Hotel Dubai, a luxurious 5-star hotel in Dubai, UAE. Find out more about Studyum and our initiative prior to the Summit from our whitepaper and pitch deck.

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About Studyum is a three-dimensional knowledge matrix for students and educators. Groundbreaking technology developed on a decentralized blockchain infrastructure, the platform provides a secure environment perfect for quality learning, teaching, and training on a level never seen before. Relying on the latest technological advancements and confirmed scientific theories, Studyum grants space for individuals to improve themselves in an engaging and fulfilling way. Learn more at