Studyum the edtech brand with ambitious plans to change the face of education, has appointed a leading blockchain and NFT advisor, just days after announcing its pre-IDO Whitelist Lottery.

Ian Scarffe: Leading expert in Bitcoin, Blockchain, and crypto industries.

Ian Scarffe is a leading investment and fintech expert. Ian has an impressive record of blockchain, NFT, and Initial Dex Offering consulting services and works for a wide range of multi-million dollar companies.

Speaking of the appointment, Sutdyum’s CEO, Igor Dyachenko said: “We’re super-excited that Ian’s come on board, and are very much looking forward to integrating his expert knowledge into the team. Part of his mission is to foster economic…

Everyone’s got questions! We’ve got answers…

Photo by Emily Morter on Unsplash

Here are the most common FAQs about the Studyum whitelist lottery, answered. If there’s a question you still have that we haven’t answered, please, pretty please go to our Telegram group and ask away. One of our incredibly helpful community managers will be all over it like white on rice.

Q: What price will STUD tokens be secured at for the lottery winners?

A: All winners will be able to secure the lowest price of $0.03 per STUD.

Q: What’s the pre-lottery hard cap for this stage?

A: The hard cap for this initial…

Be amongst the first people to join our ed-tech, NFTfi platform community

We want to give a select few the opportunity to join the Studyum community and participate in a pre-IDO event.

With this in mind, we’re excited to announce that we’re launching a community sale on the Polkastarter platform on Monday, May 31st, 2021. Prior to that, we’re holding a whitelist lottery, which absolutely anyone can enter.

The Studyum whitelist lottery offers a level playing field opportunity to take part in the Studyum token sale. The chosen lottery winners will be able to secure the lowest price of $0.03 per STUD token before anyone else. …

How big before she bursts?

Artwork by the supremely talented Mr. Bingo

It wasn’t all that long ago that if I mentioned crypto investing to friends and family, I was quickly bombarded with words like “reckless” and “unsafe”, and they’d make bold and dismissive statements like “it won’t take off!” and (my own personal favourite) “It’s not real. How can anyone invest in something that’s not real?”

Of course, trying to counter the last argument by explaining that their assets are all in the form of hyper-inflated fiat currency backed by absolutely nothing just wasn’t an option. …

An interview with Igor Dyachenko, Founder & CEO of Studyum

Igor Dyachenko: Two-time world Karate champion and celebrity martial arts coach.

There are many people with lofty aspirations to change the world, and whilst a number of them are beautiful souls with the best intentions, others are wolves in sheep’s clothing. Four minutes after meeting Igor Dyachenko at a Turkish cafe, I knew without a shadow of a doubt that he belonged to the former. …

The next-generation learning experience platform, combining artificial intelligence, facial recognition, 3D avatars, with NFTfi trading, all on the blockchain.

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