Studyum vision takes over Bali — inspiring innovators at the Angels + Founders event with our founder Igor Dyachenko

2 min readApr 25, 2022


Community, we are starting the second quarter of 2022 with some spectacular news — the Studyum Vision has officially taken over Bali, starting with the Angels + Founders event alongside Rob Charles, the founder and CEO of Goldfingr, known as the Buddha of Investing!

We are thrilled that Studyum’s way of learning has been so popular worldwide, and are glad to see so many experts sharing our values! We believe that everyone should be able to learn when, where, and how they want. Every individual deserves to have a personalized learning experience that empowers them to improve and grow!

The Studyum team took part in an exclusive social gathering of innovators and entrepreneurs, the Angels + Founders event, where specialists from all over the world were able to exchange their expertise and share fresh new ideas. Topics discussed were many and varied, but the main theme of the event was the metaverse and Web 3.0, and how different parts of our lives will fit within those spaces.

Angels + Founders was hosted by Bali Investment Club on April 15th in Parq Ubud in Bali. Bali Investment Club is Bali’s first professionally run impact investment fund driven by sustainable innovative solutions.

Among the innovator elite was our founder, Igor Dyachenko, who took part in the event as the delegate for the Studyum vision of tech-supported student-centered learning.

At the gathering, Igor enraptured the audience with his take on the metaverse. He believes that a metaverse is a tool that will enable experiential learning down the line.

“You will go in and then you will be able to experience a beautiful sunset on the most expensive yacht. To have all of these experiences with people, to have events to explore through these connections, and […] to explore training and learning experiences.”

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