How to stake $STUD on [LIMITED OFFER]

Important information

A complete how-to guide to staking STUD tokens

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down and click Connect to set up your MetaMask wallet. Note that the loading might take a while due to heavy traffic. Please wait until the page completely loads to continue!

Did you know?


  • Please note that staking is available only by using the interface on the website Don’t send your tokens directly to the staking contract. All tokens sent directly to the staking contract will be lost.
  • Multiple stakes per address are not allowed. A single address can have only one active stake.
  • Stakes can not be replenished after they are created.
  • Once you’ve staked your tokens, they won’t be available to you until the staking period ends. There is no un-stake or emergency claim option.
  • STUD tokens will not be transferred to your address automatically when the staking period ends. To claim your tokens, you will have to visit the staking page and do so manually. Refer to Step 8 of the above Guide for more information.
  • One month is calculated as 30 days within the staking smart contract.



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